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changes come, keep your dignity.

Thu Dec 4, 2014, 4:17 PM

 Alright, here goes. Pen and paper. Coffee and cigarette pack. Time to write,...

DeviantArt is changing to better, I am changing to something. Not sure what it is but it's definitely refreshing. 

My latest activities include my full time job (photographer & project manager at local magazine house) while acting in music videos and shooting editorials. I'm working on taking my modeling so to call 'career' to a whole new level, while producing my own photography with other people. Motorcycle is my babe, camera is my lover. They know for each other.
I'm also working with local bands sometimes. Organization, photos, assistance, whatever there is. You could say I'm living my dream. : )

Long story short; I'm happy, working dream job, doing dream hobbies, tattoos, bikes, rock'n'roll.

I'm keeping this account active and very soon posting new, different, stuff. If you're interested in following me, here's my facebook page.

I'm interested in hearing your stories. Play some music you like and tell me about your day...

 - Helena Rey